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I understand the value of a great accountant, lawyer and insurance agent, however I am just curious, as a novice investor, how much I should expect to pay for 2014 taxes.

For years 2012 and 2013, I paid $925 for an accountant to do my tax returns. I have an LLC that holds a duplex and a single family home. I have the accountant file for my personal and business taxes at the same time.

I have mentioned to some locals the amout paid for the past two returns. They mentioned they didn't even pay half of that.  Loking at my invoice, I was charged 325 for tax prep and 600 for quick book clean up.  This year, the accountant I use was with a different firm. He told the college kid that worked for him just to charge me the same as the previous year. 

I am wondering if it should have been closer to $400 for prep rather than $1,000.

What do you think? In my opinion, my situation isn't too complicated. Is Turbo Tax the answer?

Updated almost 4 years ago


I think I paid $450sh for our taxes.That was for an LLC and our personal taxes. Honestly that is way to much money for what you have. I would shop around. I had four rentals and paid $200 for my personal and $250 per my business.

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