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Hello BP,

I wanted to see what kind of experience people have had marketing to tax delinquent properties using lists from sites like Listsource/AgentPro VS direct lists from the county.

I understand the list direct from the county will probably be more up to date but is it worth the extra time to obtain it, pay for it, and sort it ? 

Also, how easy are these to get from the county. Do I just call the tax office and tell them I am looking for a list of "Tax Delinquent Properties" and they will know what I am talking about ? 

Are you able to have then separate land, commercial, residential properties when you get the list from the county ?  

Thanks !


@David B.  The tax offices will understand what you are asking for. Small offices should have little to no problem with your request. Just remember that this request does fall under the Freedom of Information Act. They can require you submit your request in writing, charge a fee, and limit information that is released.

For Example:

I work for one of the top 5 counties in the state of Texas, and top 25 nationwide. Our office will not differentiate delinquent and non delinquent accounts for you (this is limiting the information). Instead we sell ($x fee) the entire tax roll to you and require that you decipher the information yourself. We also require a standardized form be completed on all request of this kind.


If you do not understand databases, it may be in your best interest to "subscribe" to a third party service, as they can decipher large files rather easily. It however, doesn't always mean the information that they provide is accurate. For the most accurate information you need to obtain the data from the tax office itself.


The top 25 counties in the country in terms of number of accounts will each contain over 2,000,000 listings (per county)

Doesn't appear your query is gaining much traction (yet). 

It's been a while since I've worked targeted tax lists. Probably because I've had enough come to me from referral sources to not require actively marketing direct to targets.

Since you're in CA, too, you may had noticed that this past sale was the first that Los Angeles county has used online bidding (**************). Hence, the 'hit' list can be downloaded as an excel file, whereas in the past, the sale list was only available in hard copy for purchase.

I've had my title rep create delinquent tax lists and marketed directly after scrubbing. Many have high regard for products however I have not used them. As an alternative, you could download your own lists, scrubby needed, then send to a service like to sanitize then run through NCOA/cass for recipient address integrity.

As a niche marketer, I'm only looking for certain situations having facts-and-circumstances which meet my unusual deal criteria. Therefore, mailing a series of simple postcards that may be read by others is acceptable. 

Another thing to consider is if you want returned mail (nixies) and track these in your database or work with them further. You won't get returned mail if you don't mail first class or presorted first class.

What mailing have you actually done, to date? Or, is this some you "plan to do but haven't gotten around to actually doing yet?"

You should be able to find tax defaulted property lists for most large CA counties online, on the tax collector website.  That's typically a large list with all tax defaults big and small and all property types, with no indexing.

Lists of property that has reached it's power to sell status (5 years tax defaulted) are published annually in a local adjudicated newspaper as per civil code.  That list is also usually available from the large counties online.

Most CA title companies have the ability to pull lists with tax defaults.

As far as I know listsource does not have tax default info for CA counties.

Thank you all for replying to my questions. I ended up making a few calls and was able to get answers. 

Two of my target markets are CA or CO. In CO the county I was interested in had all the information available online for free download directly off the website. I believe it was the Tax "Assessor" website. 

In CA the county I contacted was a bit more complicated. The list was about $40 but from what the guy on the phone told me, it seemed unmanageable. It is a list of every single property in the county that has been delinquent for the past 3 years along with lots of data about each one. He said the list was so large that I would need a special database to run and download the information. I'm not sure how accurate that is but either way it sounded pretty discouraging.... 

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