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I have a lead on a home where the the daughter a deceased family member, wants to sell the deceased home. The home was owned free and clear. There were several hospital liens to the deceased person that amounted to nearly $80,000.00.

I haven't asked the seller about the liens at this point, but assuming the seller was the beneficiary of the home for the deceased person, I was curious to know if the seller would be responsible for paying those off, or would those liens have been payed off out of the estate of the deceased? If they were payed off out of the estate, would I see a release of the lien in the probate records (right now I do not see that they have been released, but only the record of the lien itself)? Is there any way if I bought the home from the seller that I would be responsible for paying these off? Thanks for any help.

Call the lien holder and ask if they have been paid.

Ask an attorney what your state law is concerning

these type of liens.

If they have not been released and there is some

age to the lien, you probably can negotiate a

sizable discount.

If the liens have been placed with a collection agency

you may have to go back to the lien holder because

collection agencies don't usually like to give discounts

as they are paid on a percentage of the amount collected.

You would need to determine whether the collection agency

is collecting on behalf of the lien holder or the agency

bought the lien.

Thanks Boyd. I appreciate your response.

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