Any recommendations for a good real estate CPA and knowledgeable real estate attorney near Burleson TX?

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Hello BP!

Any referrals are appreciated ! I'd like to first and foremost find someone as local as possible.  What I'm looking for is not the "I know a guy" relationship, but someone with real experience and history with the person in the profession. I already have several acquaintances in both of these professions. However, all either lack a good history, or lack specific expertise in real estate. I'm not a huge corporation so I'd obviously like to save as much money as possible. Also, I'm really not looking for grandpa doing taxes in his basement, but also don't want to pay an outrages amount to a large firm. Thanks in advance to your responses and ideas!

As for an accountant do not feel like you need to use someone local. Many of us accountants have clients worldwide. Payroll, bookkeeping, etc can mostly be done remotely.

Here is a great list of questions to ask a potential accountant:

Also check out the page in your search. It should help you find someone local. If someone comes to me, I'll send them your way.

If you need help in your search or want to verify something don't hesitate to ask.

For example: I have clients worldwide and things are just as easy as I e-mail them, talking on the phone. I even use Skype and TeamViewer to communicate with clients so I'd highly recommend looking for one of the best with great references that interviews well with you.

So look for someone you can connect with that works out for your situation.

Feel free to ask here if you have questions.

@Chase Howard  Texas licensing board, can help you find one close to you at there website TSBPA. 

Best of Luck.

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