Real Estate Lawyer to set up LLC in Salt Lake City, UT Utah

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Does anyone have a real estate lawyer they would recommend in the Salt Lake City, Utah ( UT ) area? I am interested in creating an LLC. A lawyer in Provo, Weber or Ogden would work as well.



Jeff Breglio and Ken Melrose. They pretty much only work with investors. They just set me up a Series LLC To hold my rentals in. Ill send you a message with their info. They go to all our local REIA meetings

Blair Jackson at Invictus Law has done a ton of stuff for me here in Utah.  (801) 854-9212

I will be following this post since I would love some recommendations as well.

Just curious, why you are looking to set up an LLC? I was gung ho to set up an LLC when I bought my first investment property, but was advised that it may not be worth the time and money until I had several properties in my portfolio.

@Bryce Till Blair Jackson at Invictus Law is a great attorney to use.

@Holden Latimer I have always formed an LLC to hold even one property in. Having an LLC is a good form of asset protection. It helps put up a shield against any of your personal assets.

I have Breglio/Melrose already drawing up the LLC. Pretty fair price as well.

@Holden Latimer An LLC is expensive, but from what I've read and understand it is worth it. Even with just owning one property you don't want an issue to spread past that asset into your personal savings, family assets, car, retirement account etc. Worth it in my opinion.

I don't know what this is wroth but I also think it adds a sense of professionalism with the tenants/contractors.

@Chris Erwin

Thanks for the response. I could have been more clear. I understand how LLCs work to protect personal assets. In my case, I just graduated from college and don't really have a large base of personal assets that could be attacked at the time being. I plan on setting up LLC when the time comes that I have something to protect (hopefully in the very near future) ;)

@Bryce Till

Thanks for the response. I agree that it adds a sense of professionalism with tenants. Do you mind me asking what price the LLC set up is running you?

Utah LLC's are amongst the cheapest, if not the cheapest in the US.

You can do it yourself at, or u can have an attorney do it for you. I've done it both ways- as easy as it is to do it yourself, there are specifics to how it is set up that an attorney will know waaaaaay better than me or really anybody here on BP can advise you on.  

Jeff Breglio is my recommendation. i actually need to make a appointment myself.

Thanks for all the good will everyone! We work with investors and invest ourselves as well--we spend a lot of time educating investors about the legal aspects of their entities and real estate, our website has dozens of hours of educational webinars and live classes which you can view here:

LLCs are not expensive to set up, and Series LLCs are especially cost effective for investors looking to build a large portfolio of real assets. The real trick is governing them properly to maintain their protection, as well doing the legwork of accounting and titling assets correctly!

Call with any questions you might have:

801-560-2180 or email: [email protected]

Thanks again and good luck investing!

@Jeffery Breglio That link appears to be broken, I get a 404 error. 

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