Indianapolis / Indiana - any special lead laws?

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I'm under contract for my first property in Indy. I'm wondering if I should skip the lead inspection.

The seller marked "unknown" in the sellers disclosure:

  • Seller has no knowledge of lead-based paint and/or lead-based paint hazards in the housing.
  • Seller has no reports or records pertaining to lead-baed paint and/or lead-based paint hazards in the housing.

Is it enough that I provide the tenant with:

Are there any other special laws or certifications I need to get before leasing? Do I have to get an inspection?

Originally posted by @Mike D'Arrigo :

Lead based paint was used in virtually every house built prior to 1978, By federal law, it has to be disclosed, It's not unique to Indiana.

Yea, I totally understand and will do that. I'm just wondering if there's anything else on top of that I have to do as a landlord relating to lead, that's unique to Indiana.

I read that in Maryland you have to get some sort of annual certification or something?

In the countless deals I've done, I've had several people want to take the 10 days to do a lead based paint inspection on a property that was built in the lead paint years - I don't know of a single person ever doing specifically a lead paint inspection.

If your house is that old, it most likely has lead paint.  No reason to spend a few hundred bucks to have somebody to tell you something you should just figure is there.  

It's most common on windows, doors, stairs and other painted woodwork - but could be in lots of other places

I believe the EPA website has some info on how to encapsulate existing LBP - or you could just paint the place.

Blair Poelman, Broker in Utah (#9299425)

@Jeff L.

 You will need to provide a lead based paint disclosure to your tenant.  This is a federal law, and you can get cooked on it if you don't give the disclosure.

Blair Poelman, Broker in Utah (#9299425)

Thank you Mike and Blair!

You, sir, have received some horribly dangerous advice. Don't act on anything written above. Read all the laws and understand them! Many are on a federal level and apply to every state. Indiana has theirs here...

People have got to understand that in these forums, folks mean well but are often spreading misimformation, just like every other form of social media. ALWAYS verify with you local agency. Advive from someone who lives thousands of miles away might be what you want to hear, but isn't always what's going to keep you out of trouble.

Derreck Wells, Contractor in MA (#MR000910)

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