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Hello BPers!  Can anyone please recommend a Building and Zoning Attorney??

I closed on a 2 flat in Chicago last month. This used to be a single family home and the previous owner converted it into a two-flat. As the story goes, I received a letter from Cook County (A.k.a CrooK County) saying there is a violation against the property. 

Violation date: Nov. 12th, 2014 - Violation code: B5.3-1A - Violation description - The owner is doing interior remodel, making a single family residence into a multi-family unit.

Here's the kicker - this was an REO FANNIE MAE owned property. I purchased through FHA financing, and I used the rental income of the 2nd unit in order to qualify. The home was listed as a multi-unit apartment building, and the zoning does allow such units here. I am due in COURT in June for this violation... ANY help is much appreciated!! THANK YOU!

Originally posted by @Brie Schmidt :

@Marvin Anaya sounds weird... what does the zoning cert say?  

Try Tom - I also have an expeditor if you need one


Anderson & Moore

111 W Washington

Suite 1720

Chicago, IL 60602

(312) 251-1500

(312) 251-1509 (Fax)

 Hi Brie, thank you for the attorney referral. I don't see a zoning certificate in my closing documents. The Cook County Assesor's website shows it as class 2-11 since 2008, and it shows it as zone R5 / RM5. 

What I think happened was that in November of last year, Fannie Mae was doing some interior work (new carpets, paint, etc) but never got a permit to do so, and maybe the zoning inspector thought it was being converted ?? 

@Marvin Anaya - Call your attorney and get the zoning cert.  That is the only document that matters.  PM me the address too

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