NDA agreement quick question wholesaling attorney wanted

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I have a question regarding a NDA agreement we signed a while back from an investor. It basically was him sharing his contract to use and allow an investor to list a property on the MLS although it doesn't say that in the agreement what legal right would he have?

I am just curious because I am debating on whether or not I can do that on my own with my own company using my own contracts and if they can come after me for it Instead of not asking them to use there idea of putting a property on the MLS that you have under contract to find buyers. It doesn't say anything like that on the document just says information can not be shared with any one and if we get leads and share the leads we can't take the money etc.

It's a very common idea, you've got nothing to worry about. However, a legit agent will require you to produce your contract, and preferably have language inn it lowing the advertisement/listing of it for sale.....at least in the local Palm Beach county MLS system. Soyuz can't do this if if it's listed now though, and not completely closed out.