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I dont know where to post this. I just want to get things off my chest and move on. I'm a little pissed off.

I just had a terrible experience at a closing this evening. I postponed everything until Monday because the legal description of the property was too vague and did not specifically mention that I am purchasing two lots. Of course I made the mistake of signing the purchase agreement which only specified 1 lot instead of 2. At the closing the Lawyer which I thought was representing me seemed to be good buddies with the seller agent. He pressured me into signing and actually stated the fact that if I don’t I will lose my deposit. He even looked at his watch and said he had a “pick up to do shortly�. I felt like I had to fend for my self. So I said “I will not sign anything if there is no specific guarantee that both lots will be included�. So…after an hour of useless wordiness from the lawyer, he decided to go to city hall on Monday and look at the county records and add an addendum to the closing documents. This lawyer was clearly not looking for my best interest. He did not care if I got stuck with only 1 lot. I know I made the initial mistake but isn’t the lawyer there to look out for your best interest? I had to literally raise my voice and say “I WILL NOT SIGN “ for the lawyer to do his job.

Rookie mistake # 1.
Donot take a realestate agents word that “things will be fine�. Make sure its all in writing before you sign.

Good for you for standing up to the closing attorney. I send the titlte company a sheet of instructions before the closing and ask for a HUD-1 214 hours in advance so I can start addressing problems before I get to the closing table.

In my entire life I have never seen HUD early. They can hardly get the package to the real estate attorney (mine) in time for a scheduled closing. I thought they had to furnish it by Federal Rules 24 hrs. ahead of closing but actually it apparently has to be furnished ahead "if prepared" .

Sounds like a broker should have been called about the contract being prepared wrong to reflect only 1 lot instead of 2. I just bought a property that was 2 houses and a lot but they were on the tax map as one lot. Could that be the problem? You might want to look at the plat at the courthouse.

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