Money judgment awarded... Tenant moving to different state

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Hello everyone!! I have recently won a money judgment against a tenant for small sum of money in Michigan. The tenant is moving to Ohio, can I still garnish his wages from Ohio? I plan on garnishing his income tax this year from his Michigan job but can I start garnishing his Ohio job now? Or can I only garnish his wages if he lives in Michigan since that's where the court case was?

@Marcin C.

I believe you can garnish his wages from any job and had account balances from any recognized bank even if he moved. You file the garnishment paperwork with the court where the judgment is. That said, I've never dealt with this specific issue before. This is just my instinct on the matter, I have not researched it.

I suppose if you were to file the garnishment paperwork and it doesn't work you're only out the filing fee. You will need to know his employer and / or the location of his bank accounts to proceed.

@Marcin C.

 Just curious, if you can file for garnishment in Ohio, how do you know where he works?  You have to name the employer and have the paperwork served that the employer - correct?

- Tom

You need to file a "sister-state" judgment with the court in the county where the debtor lives. Then, with that judgment, you can garnish the wages.