PA said appliances included, but they belong to tenant, now what?

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We closed a little over a week ago on 3 condos from one owner.  These are basic 1 BR condos, not luxury units, but nice enough.  As we've been meeting the tenants, one of them mentioned that the appliances in the condo were hers and she'll be taking them when she moves out in a few months.  This contradicts the PA and the land contract, which says that all appliances are included.  The appliances in the condo are quite nice, the fridge alone probably a $1000 unit.  When I asked the seller if what she said was true, he said that it was, he'd just forgotten to mention it.

The tenant said the appliances were old and nasty when she moved in, so she got permission to buy her own and did so.  The former owner has volunteered for forgo $200 from my monthly LC payment to cover the cost of a used refrig and stove.  We never buy used appliances for our condos, putting in new GE GTS16 refrigerators and GE electric stoves that often run $900 - $950 for the pair.  I asked the ex-owner to divide the cost, but he's sticking to his offer of $200, and said if I wasn't happy he'd buy the unit back :-)

Any advice on how to handle this situation?   I'm only asking for half of $900.  His $200 offer is measly when I thought I had bought $1500 of almost-new appliances.  I don't want to get off on the wrong foot with the seller since I'm in a LC relationship with him for the next 6 years.

You said the owner is willing to "forgo $200 from my monthly LC payment".   $200 per month over six years should more than cover the cost of new appliances several times over.  What am I missing?

One time, one month, total of $200.

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