Bought property from a hier but no paper work.

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my husband and I bought property from a grandson ( step grandson). The children of the deceased did not and does not want the property. 

We have been living here just over a yr. We paid the taxes, maintenace, utilities, and upkeep. We have managed to make a 360 on the property and house.  

The grandson can't find the deeds and his grandparents did not have a will. But after we have done all of this, the grandson isn't wanting to do anything to help us get it in our name and the other hiers dose not want anything to do with any of it. What can we do to get this in our name.

Since the grandson had no legal right to sell the house, since he didn't own'll need a probate attorney heavily involved, open probate and get yourself or an heir appointed PR, etc. and take it thru the probate process. You will need the cooperation/blessing of the actual heirs, as determined by state law, in the absence of a will. You definitely got the cart before the horse on this one.

@Jennifer Jones-Justus

I am curious how this came about? Didn't you hire an attorney or title company? You may or may not be able to resolve this situation to your liking. Hopefully you didn't put a lot of money into it. You need to contact an attorney immediately. Good luck...BTW--ex Texan here...last living in Lumberton.