Yes, another SDIRA/SDIRA LLC

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First off I have read the hundreds of post on this topic. Im 28 years old active duty living overseas. I am shifting from a Roth IRA to a SD however unclear for best direction for my vision. I am interested in obtaining overseas condo rentals and domestic notes for my retirement account. Reasons: Overseas rentals for possible future retirement home while collecting airbnb n online travel bookings. Domestic notes due to the passive nature while living overseas with no estimated return planned.

Question: 1. Go with Roth SDIRA however, offshore rentals complicates and confuses most custodians. Pay for half of my desires

2. Go with SDIRA LLC but large upfront cost will eat either nest egg/emergency fund/or cc charge.

Just need advise or things not covered in the hundreds of post dated in the last decade. Sorry if this post doesn't give alot of details.

@Roger Poole

PM or email me and I will walk thru the options based on your situation. I will let you know what others in your situation have done. Also Thanks for your service.