Real estate investor Accountant in Miami / Fort Lauderdale Area

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I have been looking for an accountant that really understands real estate investing for some time.

I have one of the most expensive accountants in the Miami area but I don't feel

that this company recommended by my wife about three years ago is creative 

enough with my taxes as I am in my real estate investing.

What I mean is I feel I can use an accounting software and get the same results.

I am looking for someone whom you have used that works with real estate investors

or is an investor themselves.

Thank you all so much for any assistance.

@Brian Halstead ,

Price paid is not always the best. To say that a software is the same I find a bit insulting. Do you ask them for advice or do you just drop off documents? Your engagement and what you are paying for may not be advisement.

@Lance Lvovsky is in the Fort Lauderdale area. I would say you should consider contacting him or one of the other accounts here.

Originally posted by @Brian Halstead :


@Steven Hamilton II 

I didn't state my comment as a fact, just a feeling. 

 It's a good idea to explain documents sent to an accountant,

I am sure all your investor clients do.

Thank you for your recommendation I will certainly contact him.


I was trying to get a point across to explain what we do. Many of us reach out to our clients remind you that we're here and some don't reach out. Others the clients don't reach out. There are three people you never lie to: Doctor, Lawyer and accountant. If we don't know we can't help.  That was all I was trying to say. I recommend setting up a tax planning meeting with your accountant. If you ever want to ask a few questions never hesitate to tag me in a post here. I'm in the Miami/ Plantation areas consistently for audit work. I know those IRS offices VERY VERY well. 

@Brian Halstead, I am an investor and and accountant that specializes in working with real estate investors. Let me know if I can be of assistance.