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Hello, Bigger Pockets friends! I'm looking for recommendations for a good Asset Protection for Dummies book -- something that is thorough and practical, yet easy to understand as in layman terms. I'm specifically looking for how-to's for self directed IRAs, land trusts, and LLCs. I have pieced together a fair amount of information from REIA meetings and dinner discussions, but I think I mostly know enough to be dangerous. I'd love to find a good resource for the step-by-step processes and the best way to work with all three together. Thanks in advance for whatever recommendations you can provide!


@Melanie Raine

Great question but I am not sure I ever saw one.  I have seen books on insurance, legal entities such as trusts and corporations, 401ks and IRAs, foreign islands like "isle of Mann" that always discuses asset protection but not one with them all in it. I had to listen to many seminars to develop my plan over the last 25 years. 

@Melanie Raine
Check out either Laughlin associates or william bronchick

Laughlin is asset protection for setting up an LLC and william discusses setting up land trusts

Depending on your end game will determine which strategy to use.