Tax deductible expenses for Irma evac where I visited rental prop

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About a month ago, we had to evacuate to visit family due to hurricane Irma. We have a rental property in the area that we inspected and did some work on while we were there too as a bonus to the trip. I wonder from a tax perspective what, if any part of the trip we can write off?

Sept 7th (Thursday): Drove part way to rental house from FL (~11 hr). Stayed in Hotel for the night.

Sept 8th (Friday): Finished Drive (~5 hr)

Sept 9th (Saturday): Drove ~2 Hr and inspected rental house (approx. 2 hr). Emailed property management company.

Sept 10th (Sunday): Nothing

Sept 11th(Monday): Drove ~2hr to cleaned out and repaired house (~6hr).  Met with property manager.  

Sept 12th(Tuesday): Nothing

Sept 13 (Wednesday): Nothing

Sept 14 (Thursday): Removed trash from property, drove home (~12 hr).

Our expenses were limited to mileage, a hotel, and meals during this stay. 

@Michael Zagorsky

Reasonably seperate business expenses from visteing family expenses and you should be fine. The expenses you noted look reasonable to me. 


I think that sounds absolutely reasonable. As always check with your CPA, but I think your fine, keep all your notations and receipts

So far I've done my taxes myself without issue.  I think this was the first time I was not sure of something.  The main thing I want to know is if the mileage from FL counts  (~1400 miles) or if I have to prorate it somehow.  

@Michael Zagorsky

I am more conservative than most.  I would say that the main purpose of your trip was not a property visit and that the majority of your time was spent on something other than your property.  I see travel and associated lodging costs from FL to your final destination and back as a personal expense.

After you arrived at your evacuation destination, I would say that you could deduct the local travel miles from your lodging to your property and to your property manager. as well as, any direct costs you incurred in repairing and cleaning out your property.  Of course, your own labor is contributed free of charge.

Confirm with your own CPA.

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