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Hi all,

It's been a while since I've been on.  I'm starting my 2nd project and I have a contract written and ready to go for a contractor that I've chosen but... I've asked for proof of license, proof of insurance and proof of workman's comp and all I received so far is a text with his license number, an expired certificate of liability insurance, and a verbal confirmation of workman's comp insurance.  Is there a way that I can verify this myself or should I just hold off on signing the contract until he provides me with physical copies of the paperwork?  Should I make copies of this paperwork for my records too?

He was referred to me by a relative and he seems capable so I haven't bolted just yet.



You should require a Certificate Of Insurance (Accord form) that comes Directly from their insurance agent, Not from the contractor.

@Jason Rivera

Definitely get the paperwork you are requesting. Don’t compromise there. Anyone including family referred can sue with any issues or disagreements. If the city request paperwork midterm, that would be your fine as well.

How that helps man. Contractors with good paperwork are worth the cost.

Suggest you look for a backup GC.

@Jason Rivera I am not sure the laws in your state since it has been since '89 since I did any work there but you should ask for a certificate from the insurance that states that YOU are insured with this contractor. Here we (or rather our insurance company)  give a certificate to the homeowner as "other insured". This states that not only do we have insurance but the homeowner is covered for this particular job while the contractor is on site. Your state insurance laws may be different though. 

Contact the name on the policy and see if they still are indeed insured. Sometimes contractors (hacks rather) will pay the down payment and then cancel the insurance just to show copies to the client. It has happened a lot. Just a little more due diligence and you will see how responsible your contractor really is. 

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