Tax Preparer Hawaii for Real Estate Investors

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BiggerPockets Community,

My wife and I are beginner investors with a few rental properties. We purchased majority of them this year. I am seeking recommended CPA/tax preparers on Oahu, Hawaii with experience with real estate investors. Someone with experience doing tax returns for military personnel would be additionally valuable. It would be greatly appreciated if along with your recommendation you provide your 1st hand experience with the individual you worked with and a way to contact them. Looking forward to hearing your recommendations.

Are you willing to house your CPA for a few days?  I can be talked into flying to Hawaii for a few days. ;)

I don't know any real-estate focused CPAs in Hawaii. My recommendation would go to your local REIA and ask the investors there who they use. Another good source for referrals might be your realtor.

@Domonick S.

I did a quick search to see if any other BP member from Oahu requested a CPA and I found one hit

Maybe you can reach out to the posters in that thread to see who they decided to use.

You may also get some recommendations from a local REIA event.

If you are still unable to find a CPA - feel free to interview some CPA's that work with investors remotely. There are a couple CPA's here on this website that do so.

Where did you purchase your properties? Your profile indicates that you interested in areas all across the United States. Be mindful that you may be required to file a state tax return in states that you invest in. 

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