Quick summery...

Tried to buy a home pre-foreclosure and didn't happen before auction. And didn't have the funds to buy at auction.

I'm trying to buy for my personal home. I'm acquiring the right to redemption.

There are no other liens on the property. This property is in Oregon.

Q1...  I've been told there's a possibility of getting a conventional loan with the help of a real state lawyer to set up escrow 

          prier to going to the county to submit the right of redemption. Has anyone had experience with this?

Q2... I've talked to the sheriff in charge of the property and he mentioned when the right of redemption is turned in that 

         will start the process. Has anyone had experience with the procedure after turning in redemption?

Q3... If the debtor owed back taxes and the property did not sell at auction, is the buyer turning in the right to redemption 

         responsible for back taxes?

Thanks in advance!