Looking for a Real Estate CPA in Charlotte, NC area

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I am currently looking for a new CPA in the Charlotte, NC area that specializes in tax needs for real estate businesses. Any referrals are much appreciated! 

contact me for that name. 

@Mike Amann

There are many options of finding a local CPA with experience in real estate tax strategies.

1. Use the search function if a BP member previously was in search of a CPA. I like this approach because you can ask the posters who they ended up using and if they like working with them.
I went ahead and pulled up 4 posts of Charlotte BP members asking for a CPA.


2. Attend local real estate investment networking events. You can use the Events section of BP or go on meetup.com for groups/events.

3. Find the big players in Charlotte on BP.
Add the keywords "Charlotte" and/or "North Carolina" to the BP keyword alerts. You will notice that there are frequent posters who respond to topics with these keywords. Feel free to add these individuals to your network and ask who they use as a CPA.

4. If you are still unable to find a local CPA - Feel free to broaden your search by looking for a CPA that works with clients remotely. There are many CPA's on BP that do so.

In the meantime - feel free to ask any tax related questions. I would be glad to give my input.

Good luck on your search!

I'll post the following in the meetup section of BP as well:

Meetup: By Investors for Investors, hosted by Jay Stake

Led by CPA, Ki Shin, "Tax changes that affect Investors and save you money"

Start the new year off with one of the most knowledgeable CPAs regarding Real Estate Investing, KI Shin. If you invest in real estate, you will not want to miss this opportunity to hear what Ki has to offer.

New year-new location beginning Jan 9th, The  Light Rail Restaurant, 8045 South Blvd., Charlotte 28273

Breakfast 8:00, meeting 8:30

@Don Harris would it be too much to ask you to post future dates as they come up as well. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this meetup but very interested in learning more in this area. Can you also message me that CPA contact info as well please?

Im in Charlotte and use Ballantyne Tax. How often does that meet up occur?

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