Oregon CPA or Tax Advisor or Tax Preparer

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Good afternoon all! This site has been amazing regarding information and getting forward motion in RE investing. I bought my first property (triplex) 15 months ago in part because of it. It cash-flows and makes me happy.

I hate to make my first actual post on here a cry for help but here it is.

I let myself get too busy with my full time (and then some) job and did not take care of my business. I have not filed my 2016 taxes and am dreading filing for 2017. It is becoming all the more problem now as my wife needs to file her student aid information in January and cannot until I have this done. I know this is 100% on me for not being proactive.

What I am trying to find is a CPA or tax advisor, or recommendation for, that I can hire and/or assist in any way to get my 2016 taxes filed. Ideally they are an investor as well that know the ins and outs of that business and Oregon tax law. I am realizing this is a part of the business I will need to partner with and hire out for the long-term.

Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. 

@Jason Brubaker

Belated congratulations on you investment property!

Normally people who file returns late are also known to also not to their bookkeeping. This becomes problematic because it is sometimes difficult to backtrack and remember everything you did in 2016. Heck I forget what I did last week. With that said - if you are unable to remember what you did - you also forget some expenses that you may be entitled to.

With that said - have you done your books on the investment property?

Molalla appears to be a small city and you may have better luck finding a more competent tax advisor in Portland.

I went ahead and find some posts of BP members requesting a CPA advisor in Portland - You may want to reach out to some of the suggestions.


If you feel like you are unable to connect with any of them - you may want to reach out to a tax advisor who works with clients remotely. There are many on BP who do so.

Good luck on your search!