Can anyone refer a CPA in the Murfreesboro, Nashville, TN area?

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Hey guys,

After lurking and researching for about two years, I bought my first property in October of 2017.  I was wondering if any of you fine folks knew of any CPAs in the Murfreesboro or Nashville, TN area who you thought were pretty good.

I've been trying to look up CPAs in the area and I don't know what I don't know, so I'm not sure if the one that I pick is actually the best one for me.  So was just looking for feedback in the area before I got started.

Thanks guys!

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We will see if it comes to that.  I won't have all of my paper work from brokerage accounts until Mid-February anyways, so I likely won't be able to start until March.

I think my return is pretty basic, and I am now just adding the rental property.  I didn't want to do it on my own or use TurboTax this year because I was also hoping there would be some insight on certain actions I should or should not take to make the most of other tax breaks.  Especially with everything changing for the 2018 year, maybe even greater holes have been found in the tax plan.

James Jobe with Jobe, Hastings & Associates is the one I use.

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Call Steve Nestor.

Smiley CPA in Franklin. Extremely professional and knowledgeable about Real Estate Investing.

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