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Does anyone know of a good preparer in the Lubbock Texas area? Last year as my first year with a rental house and I have always used Turbo Tax in the past to do mine.

@Michael Fortier Hey Michael, I would recommend @Daniel Hyman  

He's very easy to work with. We've used him for two years now. He's an investor himself and can break everything down so it's easy to understand.

@Art Maydan Thanks for the recommendation! 

@Michael Fortier TT is a great product for simple returns, but having a property makes it a bit more complex. Feel free to be in touch if I can be helpful.

@Michael Fortier

It does sure seem that Lubbock is very far from a major city.

The issue with investing in a small city is that it might be hard to find an accountant who specializes in real estate taxation.

A resolution to this is that you can reach out to an accountant with real estate experience by opening your search to a CPA who works with clients remotely.

Another thing in your favor is that you live in Texas(a state with no state income tax). If you also invest in Texas - your credit profile shouldn't be too bad for someone to follow even if they don't live n Texas.

@Michael Fortier Brad Smith is my corporate CPA who handles all of our LLC, syndication, etc. taxes. He offices next door to me on Slide and 80th. DM me and I'll get you his contact info.

Lubbock is a great city! Maybe not  with millions of people, but there are lots of experienced investors and experienced service providers. 

I started searching for a tax person and mentioned it to everyone I met for about two weeks. The lending president at the bank I use gave me the names he saw most often on tax returns for his RE investor borrowers. Wow! That was fabulous. 

I also took advantage of the free consultation the tax folks all offer and talked with a few of them I found through an internet and bigger pockets search. I considered using one of the two firms that are online and all over Bigger Pockets, but they are more costly. Then I decided to go with a local firm. I cross referenced my top pick from my interviews and found he was on the bank lender's list, too.

I can recommend the guy I ended up with (dm me), but I know there are several great firms here. You may be better off with your own search because you really want someone you can work with who uses support technology you are comfortable using and is responsive, willing to meet you at your experience level, etc.

I wanted to spend a while choosing because I don't want to switch again for a long time. My tax situation is very complicated, as it is for most RE investors, and there is a learning curve for the new firm. I don't have time to do that every few years.

I am still judging the firm I chose (maybe my personality flaw), but they are getting high marks because of their questions and responsiveness. From my experiences filing my own taxes through many home ownership, rentals, short term rentals, etc, they are asking all the questions that will get them to the understanding they need to be really helpful.

Good luck with your search!

@Michael Fortier  

I use Bradley Smith as well and would recommend him.  He does business and personal work for me.  He's handled RE taxation issues including Rental Ownership, Note Ownership, and Owner Financed Transactions.  I've got other clients that he has handled LLCs, etc. for as well.  He's thorough and always been available when needed. I'll be glad to send you his information if you haven't gotten it yet.  PM me. 

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