Hi BP,

I have a legal issue here. Long story short: I plan on taking a contractor to court for 3k. What is the best way to build a case for bad work and to get my cabinets fixed.

This is my post from the contractors sub forum:

"I am having an issue with a place that was supposed to reface our kitchen cabinets, put new hinges on with out any mess as advertised all within 3-5 days.

Without further ado, here is the story

My friend payed 3k upfront (half total). When it came time to do the work about 2 months later the worker was late for our 8am appt and he called to reschedule for 9 am. I ended up having to wait until 11 am for this guy to get to the house thus missing a lot of hours at work. I told him he needed to be on time the next day because I have work. That same day he ended up leaving the house by 2pm! Only 3 hours of work?! The next morning the guy is late again and there is stuff all over the house and kitchen (advertising said could use kitchen and accessible), it was a disaster zone and he left it overnight! My friend called the company and they transferred him over to the franchise store responsible for this and it was mostly a non-answer. Fast forward a few days and the job is still not done as advertised in 3-5 days. My friend gave the company a call again and then they sent the guy over to our house unexpectedly at 6pm and he stayed until 9pm to finish the job. They forgot to order doors for the lazy susan and the hinges are not the correct type plus they forgot all sorts of things we are paying for. He stated it would be about 2 weeks to get the materials needed. It has been over a month and they are just now getting back to us after we contacted them multiple times. The refacing is now warped on one of the surfaces (air bubble looking). I then had to get involved by calling for my friend and the lady was rude in the way she was talking with me. They sent an email with a date the owner and worker would come by 5 days ago and now they are trying to reschedule again because I am guessing they don't want me there to negotiate. I was not rude or intimidating on the phone so I can only assume they want to take advantage of my friend. I want this taken care of, with compensation, right now.

They will be at a 3-day home show in 3 weeks near me where I can talk to them/flier cars not to use them/stand outside their booth telling my story until they give me my money back. I have considered filing with the contractors board and they also have a store in my town. What is the best way to get these people to give us our 3k back and fix the damage they have done (the previous cabinets were not warped and the lazy susan had a door)"