Real Estate Friendly Tax Preparer - Harrisburg, Carlisle, Pa

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Hello BP,

Shot in the dark but can anyone recommend a Tax Preparer and/or CPA with experience working with real estate investors in Pennsylvania - specifically Harrisburg, Carlisle, or York areas ? My business is primarily buy & hold and with the growth and acquisitions over the last year - I want to utilize a tax preparer that has experience working with real estate investors. 

Thanks in advance ! 


you don't necessarily need someone local, but you do need an expert to help file your taxes are real estate investor. There are number of investor-friendly CPA's here on BiggerPockets, do some search for other discussions on the topic and see other's people's recommendations. See who are top contributors on this forum, review references... You can contact @Brandon Hall or @Steven Hamilton II as a start. 

I don't know of anyone locally to you. If you are set on having someone local, then best bet is to get referrals from other professionals in your area. If you do not mind working with a CPA remotely, then reach out to several and see who you think you would work best with. An online search (such as LinkedIn) can also give you some insight about the CPAs on here.

Don't hesitate to reach out with questions.

Thanks @Lance Lvovsky and @Dmitriy Fomichenko . I guess I never considered a remote tax preparer. I have asked other colleagues locally - but it's February and I'm late to the game - my own fault ! 

Brandon if you want to PM me I can give you some suggestions.

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