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We are new real estate investors to North Atlanta, getting foundation in place for business buying and renovating mid level residential, and need CPA advice regarding business formation, change of residence issues, inclusion of a passive family member/investor/limited partner (?),  SDIRA, and what other questions we should be asking but haven't learned yet.  Does anyone have recommendation for a very good, honest, experienced and reasonable CPA, especially one in the Dunwoody or Sandy Springs areas, with a  particular expertise in such real estate issues?

@Bernie Lahde

Congrats on starting your real estate investing journey! 

I've heard a lot of stories about people making big tax/entity mistakes upfront, only to hear about it from their CPA later... so great choice seeking advice early on.

Although I don't have a recommendation for a CPA in Atlanta, I would recommend thinking about finding a real estate expert vs someone in your local area. 

There are many REI CPA experts here on BiggerPockets, any many have great systems in their business that can handle remote clients with ease.

I wouldn't settle for a sub par CPA in your area over a REI expert CPA remote. However, if you can find one that checks both boxes, go for it!

Best of luck as you grow your business

Dear Alan:

Thank you so kindly.  We'll look into that as we familiarize ourselves with this wonderful site.

Thanks again,


@Bernie Lahde,

I'm in the Atlanta area. I would be happy to discuss your situation. Send me a private message.

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