Are lease options legal if I'm not a realtor in PA?

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are lease options legal in Pennsylvania? I've talked to many people including my mentor in an inter D who says they are. I just received a call from a local real estate agent who is pretty big in my area saying what I'm doing is illegal and I could be reported to the real estate agency of Pennsylvania or something. He's saying I'm acting as a real estate agent. I have the house under contract with the seller for a lease option, sandwich deal. I'm fairly certain I have Equitable interest and I'm selling that Equitable interest and not the house technically. A confirmation for some peace of mind would be awesome if anyone is familiar with Pennsylvania laws or experience with it. I was warned by a lot of people to look out for agents that are an experience with creative real estate investing that this would happen. thanks guys one love

The best advice I could give you is to speak with a local real estate attorney. They're going to have much more insight to your situation than those of us who do not live in your area. A lot of lawyers will give you a free consultation so make some calls and bounce this off them.

@Corey Woodman

The advice from @Bob Okenwa is good. 

So you would be impersonating a Real Estate agent and that’s against the law is hilarious to me. I wonder what the fine is for that and how many times that has gone to court. Thanks for the laugh. Let us know what happens. 

I hope you get to do it

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