Need Power of Attorney Winchester VA

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My wife has to go out of town on day we are supposed to be closing on our next rental in PA. Wanted to see if anyone who either is or knows of an attorney in the Winchester/Front Royal area who could write one up quickly and won't cost and arm an leg. We live in Front Royal VA but house closing is in Pennsylvania. Any help you can give be much appriciated.

You need a Pennsylvania POA, not VIrginia... so ask the title company handling this for assistance — they'll have a PA attorney prepare the right doc and they need to approve it anyway if they are insuring the deal.

@Chris Svendsen

Are there any attorney's involved in this deal? Or is the title company owned by a lawyer/law firm? If so, they should be able to draft something up for you.

Following on @Tom Gimer , don't assume that the title company and other parties involved in the deal will just accept the POA without some due diligence. There is a PA law out there that says something to the effect that no person should refuse to accept a POA when appropriate. BUT what happens in practice is different.

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