M2M Leases incur Short Term Rental Tax?

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Many of you have shared your preference and benefits of having tenants on M2M Leases, how do you handle Taxes? When researching target rental rates, I assume this is pre-tax and would need to confirm the comps are advertising Long-term leases or pre-tax Short-term leases/M2M? For example Orange County, FL has a combined tax of 12.5% (6% state transient rental tax + .5% County Sales Surtax + 6% Tourist Development Tax). Thanks!

Uh, huh?   I have tons of tenants on m2m.   We don't charge or collect (or pay) a tax.   These are normal term tenants like if they were in a 12 month.  Just because they're m2m doesn't mean it's comparable to an airbnb setup. 

Month to month leases are not short term leases, usually they are 1 year leases that are transitioned into moth to month when the lease term expires thus making this completely different from Air BnB style rentals