Primary home vs investment property

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Hello, I'm purchasing a property, my first property, which I intend to use as my primary residence. However, the property has a tenant with a one year lease expiring next July. So, the bank wants to finance this as an investment property, requiring me to put a much higher down payment and a higher interest rate. Is there any way to remedy this situation? My realtor advised that we should present an addendum to the lender stating that the tenant will move in 60 days.... This may or may not occur, necessarily. What are the legal implications? As I truly wish to acquire this property as my primary residence.

@Giovanni Ceron , the bank you will work with you on this. you need to contact a few other banks. Addendum works. 

if they dont leave, the bank is not going to come to underwrite you another loan. Actually, they dont even care once your original loan is approved and you are making all the payments. 

if you dont like an addendum, and you really want to buy this, pay the higher interest rate and refinance later.