Hey Guys,

I'm looking at bidding on a house at a Sheriff's sale on 8/28. Per extensive research on the property the mortgage that is being foreclosed on was taken out in 2004 for 106K. The court appraisal on the property is 80K. I worked as an oil and gas landman prior to getting into real estate investing so I know how to look up liens and chain title. Per my research there is a 22K tax lien on the property that is from 2013/2014 which which is stated as 1040, which appears to be failure to pay income taxes. There is also a state tax lien for $1800 dollars. The house has an estimated value of 160K. My questions are about getting these liens released. I've been told by an attorney that it goes away after 10 years, however we may not want to hold the property for that many years. I would appreciate any insight you guys could provide - Thanks!