How to find out rental property taxes CT.

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Looking into a propert in enfield CT, and I am running the numbers. I am looking at the property taxes on zillow and they are saying they were 3400$ this year,but it was as a residential property. Is there a way to find out what that would be as a rental property? I am reading that property taxes can jump 3X when going from residential to rental? Thanks

I have yet to see an instance where taxes are higher because the property is rented vs owned. Where did you see the 3x figure @James Webb ? Are you working with an agent? They should be able to confirm that this won't be the case for you. 


         I am in the same boat. When I rented my condo, it jumped from $600/yr to $1,800/yr (exactly 3x). Now I was thinking to rent my current property which is $5,500/yr as a primary residence. How I am supposed to write off $15,000/yr if I rent that one??? No idea.