Landlords permitted to carry a Firearm while on rental property?

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if it’s your property then I don’t see why not but if you have tenants there might be some statues against it. If you keep it concealed then what would it be the problem? You could always get your concealed carry permit and not worry about a thing....or just say your on the way to go fishing or hunting and I think it’s allowed. Lol. I think I read something about that but I’m not a lawyer, cop, or anything similar. 

@Robert Tyler

Take the class and Get your concealed carry permit if you are going to carry a gun. It is not that difficult. The class discusses the laws when and where to carry legally. 

Get the permit and carry. No need for anyone to ever know.

Statistically you will never need or use it and in the very rare circumstance the need should arise you will be more concerned about covering your butt than pulling the trigger anyway.

I think that you're making the argument here that because it's "your property" you are in the clear. While legally that position may be able to be argued we run into the issues of how did you get it to the property? At what point did you put it on your person? While transporting it did you follow all state laws? 

In several states your gun, magazine, and bullets have to be separate. 

What this REALLY makes me wonder though... Is.... Who are you renting to? 

If your tenants aren't of concern then my next question would be where are you buying? 

If you really want to just get your CCW. 

This is another reason that we never collect rent in cash. They can pay online or send us a money order. It's better to prevent any "targeting" in the first place! 

I agree with Carl who suggested taking the time to obtain a CCW.  In the extremely unlikely event you have to use it, the CCW may help you legally.  Also, with reciprocity laws, you'll be surprised how many states will honor a Florida CCW.