Inherited Tenant made Civil complaint for full security deposit

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Hey Everybody, 

When I purchased my duplex I inherited tenants. They were giving notice and the resign my month to month lease agreement. They moved out a day later then the exit date so I charged them a fee which they were notified of.  After sending the security deposit with deductions for: holes in walls for TV mont, paint cost for kid writing on the wall, damage door knobs and damage to the flat kitchen drawer the tenant wants his full security deposit back stating because he was living there before I brought property and because the damage were already there. I have pictures and receipts.

@Keniya Lee

Welcome to landlording. Do you have the original move in checklist? Philly courts are tenant friendly. See if it’s worth it to go to court or give it to the ex tenant. 

Carl I dont not have a move in checklist unfortunately but my lease did day if there were any damage to property that tentant should notify me and they never did. Do you like I could get them to pay my court fees? My lease did states that they must cover any legal fees..

How much money is involved? If it is a small amount, pay them and move forward. Document everything when new tenants move in.