CPA recommendation in San Diego

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Hello there fellow investors! I am reaching out to the community to ask if anybody has a CPA that is particularly well-versed with real estate investors and/LLCs. Any of your thoughts are very much appreciated. Cheers, Daniel

Hey @Katie Lepore would you be able to PM the same info? I'm also looking for CPA's who are more familiar with this then my current CPA. I'm selling a property that was my primary residence for 1.5 years and then I moved for work and rented it out for 2 years. I want to confirm that I am eligible for the partial capital gains exclusion. 

Thanks in advance!


I actually have a sit down tomorrow with a CPA from the SD area that may end up doing my personal taxes and real estate partnership's as well. He's a real estate investor himself and seems to have his CPA aligned with small investor needs. Gary Zweig, CPA - I can update on this if the meeting goes well tomorrow haha! In the meantime, @Katie Lepore if you shot me that list as well, I'd be highly appreciative!