Redemption Laws (Pennsylvania)

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I'm currently working with a seller (wholesaling my contract for her house)  and she informed that her mother's house was just bought by an investor. Her mother has dementia and her house was recently sold at an auction due to 2 years back payment for taxes. The seller told me that she never received the notice (she pays the taxes on her mother's house and currently rents it). I know NY & NJ has redemption laws for owners to buy back their property within 30 days. What can this seller do? She just found out her mother's house was sold when the tenant called and told her that an investor told them that the bought the house at an auction. What can she do?

@Ayodeji Kuponiyi get a good experienced real estate attorney. You can possibly work with the seller and put an agreement together that if you pay the deficit in full and whatever they want on top of that amount then you can take ownership of the property. Unless there is a lot of profit in the deal it may or may not be worth your time since you also have to find a buyer on the back end. Maybe consider buying it for yourself also if the deal is good enough. I believe there is a 9 month redemption period but that may vary in different counties.

@Ayodeji Kuponiyi

What part of PA and what kind of sale/auction? There are different laws depending on the exact situation. 

But really, tell the seller to go get a lawyer if the property is worth saving. They should know that it will probably cost them anywhere between $5000 to +$10,000 to get the problem fixed --- if it is possible to fix it. 

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