Hello my name is Rian and I'm 19 from Northern Ireland, Currently living in London. I've been looking into investing in real estate for awhile now but a family friend who lives in London now, mentioned to me he's thinking about selling his property back in Northern Ireland for cheap because it's just become an unwanted hassle for him now due to distance.

One of my old boss' started up his own renovation company and we were talking and i mentioned what the family friend said and told him that a new regeneration project is happening now with £2.6M being invested into a sport centre and a new bus system is operating and he proposed that if he can have a look at the house with a surveyor, decide a price then he would split a profit with me after renovation works are done. 

So what i really need to know is;

How do i make sure that i get my money in the end? How much would the needed contracts cost for me? Am i able to find someone in London who can write the contracts for me to use in Northern Ireland or how often would i possibly have to go home until the deal is closed? I'm only new to this and I've never done a deal so any help would be appreciated. Thanks