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I have heard of people using pre-paid legal services. How good is it and how good are they with real estate. I need a lawyer to review contracts in different states, plus possibly assist me in setting up a LLC, which I believe I have to have a lawyer for.

I've had a Pre-Paid Legal membership for almost four years and have used it several times and wouldn't be without it. I'm also an associate that markets the services.

In answer to having an attorney review your documents, that is included in your membership plan. I would suggest that you get the Home Based Business Rider and with that plan you can have up to 3 documents reviewed each month at no additional cost, along with a host of other services.

As for the LLC you don't have to use an attorney for that. I formed my own LLC and other than paying the state fee I had no other out of pocket expenses.

Hope this helps.

Pre-paid Legal is wonderful & no you don't need a lawyer to form an LLC. Goto & talk with those guys. I just formed mines with them about 2 months ago. Mines is called Worldwide Property Solutions, LLC.

Pre-paid will look over every contract before you ever sign it. But in real estate I don't call them contracts, I call them agreements. Pre-paid will look at contracts/agreements small to large.

I was an affiliate of prepaid for a while, and quit doing it because I thought it was a scam. Are you telling me these services can actually replace, big dollar lawyers

I too have the service and the answer to replacing high dollar lawyers?..... It all depends on what your needs are, because in a lot of cases yes, and PPL is not, I repeat, not to replace the lawyer relationships that you already have. I still use my closing attorneys that are not associated with PPL, but for any disputes or anything due me or if I'm facing litigation, or have any contract, whether it's millions of dollars or 100 dollars I'm covered by very prestigious lawyers nationwide and in canada.

As a matter of fact all of the attorneys are "high dollar" if you don't own a membership because you would be charged the high rates just like anyother attorney.

An example; hall of fame football player Fran Tarkenton used the same attorneys that PPL members had, but he was spending thousands of dollars a year to use them and having a tough time getting an appointment until he found out why. Needless to say he got the membership, saves thousand/year and now can get an appointment.

Anyway, this is not to suggest that you should get this membership, but it helps a lot of people including me; it does not do 100% of everything you as an investor would like at 100% coverage, but you would still pay a reduced rate compared to a none member.

PLEASE, and again I say, PLEASE, if you have previous attorney relationships, keep using them, but PPL is a very handy tool to have in the bag at a reasonable price.

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