hiring a contractor where to get a solid contract

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Hi all!

I am about to start my first flip/rehab and I am looking for advice on contractor contracts. I've been hearing in the podcasts that it should be laid out in the contract about when they get paid on completion etc. First question is, Where did you get your contract? What sorts of things from your experience should be included? Would you hire just one contractor for the entire rehab or should it be separated until a quality contractor gets found?

A lawyer 100%. There are so many state specific and federal regulations with contracts that can get you and the contractor in trouble if you don't put them in the contract. It's worth the price now as opposed to the very significant penalties if you miss something. 

Agree 100% with @Jessica Zolotorofe . You need to protect your legal rights at the beginning of the process, or it will be too late.  An experienced attorney get you a tailored agreement at an affordable price, don't be afraid to ask for a price quote.

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