Cloud based tax services and tax accountants

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There are at least a dozen active tax CPAs and EAs on this forum.  To my knowledge all are equipped to work remotely with clients.

I would read a few posts of each, jot down the names of ones you like and reach out.

@Jeremy Rivers cooke

Let's be clear what you're asking about when you say "accounting." 

a. Cloud bookkeeping. This is processing your day-to-day expenses and receipts. For your construction company, look into QuickBooks for Self-Employed:

They recently added an upgraded option where you have access to their contracted accountants. It's probably worth the extra money.

b. Cloud tax preparation. This is done once a year, and the above-mentioned QBSE has a bundled service which includes tax prep.

Now, the 1st warning: both options should work fine for your construction company, as long as it is taking off and making modest money. Once it starts flying (say over $50k profit left after all expenses) - then you need individual tax planning. It can be provided by any competent accountant, locally or remotely.

The 2nd warning: construction companies are fairly simple when it comes to bookkeeping and taxes. Once you start buying properties to flip or rent - you're entering a very complex world of real estate taxation. At that point, you need a real estate specialty accountant on your team. You can find a bunch of us on this forum.

Good luck!