I attempted to open a Solo 401K account with Titan Bank and encountered extreme incompetence. After submitting my application and all required documents, I received no response or confirmation from Titan Bank.  So, I followed and asked about the status of my account after waiting 2 weeks, and the manager lied and said that they had been trying to reach me and to check my spam mail.  I had received no email or phone call from Titan, and I told the manager that I was concerned.  

The manager replied and said that my account would be processed soon.  Well, it's not more that 1 month later, and I have not heard or received any information from Titan Bank.  I did receive 1 email from EPSCustomerSupportATjackhenryDOTcom, stating that "Your TITAN BANK NA RDA Services account has been created".  

I have no idea who jackhenry.com is or why Titan Bank shared my personal information with this company.  

Anyway, I just wanted to warn others about Titan Bank's poor handling of my personal information and inability to open a solo 401K account .  I ended up going with Solera Bank.