Hiring a real estate lawyer to lower property tax ?

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Has anybody ever hired a lawyer to reduce their property tax burden ? St. Louis is jumping and I don't want to decrease my cash flow for property taxes. Anybody know a lawyer who does this for residential SFH ?

You're better off with a RE investor-focused tax professional.  They will be able to do more for you, and can often set up the same legal entities that an attorney would.

I was assuming you meant on the structure side.  If you literally mean to reduce the actual tax, then I have had luck approaching the assessor's office directly, with comps in hand, and having a friendly conversation about how they arrived at their numbers.  Sometimes they just happen to have bad comps.  It also helps if you have a long-standing relationship and good rapport with them.  I'd try that before I send in the big guns.  Hope that helps, good luck!

PAR Residential in Clayton, MO is the solution for you.  I have used them the last few year with great success.  You do not need a lawyer to fight your property taxes...you need a company that does nothing but fight property taxes.  Look them up and give them a call.  Note that you just missed the 2019 review windows (July-August each year).

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