Owner Financing with a Charitable Remainder Trust?

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My partner and I own some single family and small multi-family properties in North Carolina. Quite a few of these properties were purchased from the same person, using owner financing. This has always been a win-win for both parties: he is able to keep receiving income while avoiding capital gains taxes, we have been able to accumulate more property than we might have under different circumstances.

After talking with several friends and acquaintances, he has now decided that he wants to put his profits in a CRT moving forward.

We were previously working towards buying a parcel of two single family homes in a great location that he was going to owner finance to us again. However, now that his interest has shifted towards consolidating his holdings into a CRT, he is reluctant to move forward with the owner financing deal we had been discussing.

I'm pretty good at creative financing, but CRTs are greek to me right now. Does anyone have any experience with something similar that can offer advice? Can you do owner financing using a CRT? Is there some other trick here that I'm missing or don't know about? 

We are hoping for something that's a win-win for everyone involved. Thanks!