SMLLC Tax Extension Deadline

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If someone files an extension and has a single member LLC (SMLLC), is the LLC's extension due date 9/15 (or 9/16 this year) or 10/15?

Even though in most cases it’s a disregarded entity for tax purposes, in Kentucky we have a $175 minimum Limited Liability Entity Tax (LLET) so a return must be filed.

If my assumption is correct, SMLLC extension deadline is 10/15 and multi-member LLC extension deadline is 9/16/19. Is this correct?

@Mark S.

For the federal income tax return, if a corporate tax entity election wasn't made for the SMLLC, it is disregarded for federal income tax purposes and dissolved into the parent.  Read: the SMLLC doesn't have a filing obligation at the federal level -- it is dissolved directly into the owner and the SMLLCs activities are reported directly on the owner's return.  The federal due date of the owner's return depends on what kind of tax entity it is (individual, C Corp, S Corp, partnership, trust).

State filing obligations need to be identified as well and may have different due dates than the federal return.