Phishing, property scam?

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First let me give you the situation. 5 days ago a man pulled up in front of the driveway as I had been working for the Neighbors he asked if I knew who lived at the home next door and I stated that it was mine. He then asked me if I were interested in selling the home. I told him that the house may be in probate by lien from Sherriffs public administrator's office to repay cremation cost and debtors owed by our landlord who had died. He then divulged to me that he is chasing the loan for this property. As we spoke further  he had  said, "we"  buy homes and then rent them out. He had asked if my family and me would like to continue as tenants. I answered yes and he had said that that would be no problem. he had asked if I had any information on the mortgage. I had asked him to come back next day that I would have that information for him. He returned next day and  staying true to my word I gave him that information . 2 days after that  he returned and told me  that  his company  would like to offer us $1,000 and that we would have to move in 60 days .  Being shocked and upset  I told him that we have been here for two years which entitled us to 90  day notice and would not except anything lower then $7,500. Reading of cash for keys, $5,000 may be max paid. He insist that amount is a no. I feel he's phishing me. I made a complaint on the

site. If he returns "with papers" this week I will get more traceable info.

 Not sure why you would have ever given him “the owner’s mtg information”, whatever that is. not sure what “chasing the loan” means.

Thanks Wayne. I admit that I tend to be TO forthcoming. I tried contacting the lender to let them know that both persons named on monthly statement's we receive are deseast and to ask if the person that came by was valid. They stated they can't speak to me about that account. I added that they be aware someone shady might be trying to assume this property.