Someone poster their house for rent with pictures of my house

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In the past I have rented my house and used pictures to post online. These pictures are still on HAR under my house that is no longer for rent.

Yesterday, I found out a neighbor took these pictures and used them to rent their house. The houses are different. Talked to real estate agent who is listing the neighbors house and she hanged up on me without a solution. Neighbors no longer live there. HOA sent my request to neighbors to take pictures down as they are misrepresenting the property but I have not heard back yet. Pictures are 5.5 years old and when house was empty.

Does anyone know is this is legal? To take the posted online pictures for another house and post as if it is your house?

Would you recommend a lawyer and if so who?

Thank you


It is illegal to use someone else's pictures. You should be able to contact them through the website or by phone. Let them know the pictures belong to you and they are to remove them within 24 hours or you will sue. If you're not comfortable communicating with them, you can try reporting it to the web site along with proof the images belong to you. The website owner will typically remove them to avoid any dispute.

If those options don't work, you can hire an attorney but it will cost and may take some time.

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