FHA loan and Air BnB

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Hello all, I am hoping I am posting this in the right area.

I own a duplex that I purchased with an FHA loan this is my first purchase. Due to some family issues of recent I will be away from my side of the unit off and on for the next few months. Can I lost my unit on air BnB to try and rent it out while I am not living in it?

I appreciate and input on this topic.

Thank you!


Would the duplex still be considered your residence?  If so, it probably wouldn't be an issue.  Or, can you keep one bedroom that's yours, so it could be considered a roommate situation?

Also, if you've had it for a year, I don't think it matters anymore. Not an expert, but helped my daughter deal with her FHA loans and she rented out her first home after living in it for a couple years and FHA didn't have a problem with it.

@Sue K.

Hi Sue, thank you for your reply.

The duplex is still my primary residence on paper yes. I haven't quite had it for a year yet but I do believe you are correct from my understanding is that FHA loan has to be a primary residence for a year at least. But I'm not a lawyer. 🤷🏻‍♂️ lol