I’m buying,Seller is trying to back out 20 days before closing!

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Im buying my first home, we are in a legally binding contract. It is now about 2-3 weeks prior to closing, & the sellers are trying to get out. 

 What rights do I have? what do I do?

We have a newborn. We gave up our apartment and got out of our lease. So technically we're homeless. We also have a 10 year old and we are staying at my in-laws until closing. Making an hour and a half round trip to and from school twice a day. So mileage, gas. Not to mention storage, appraisal fee, inspection, HOA apps.

I need some guidance.


@Nicole Rush this is a question for your real estate attorney. If you live in a state that is a title close state, then reach out to your agent or the title company and get the name of a good attorney. This is a contractual issue, so no one on here can help you unless they are a licensed attorney in the state your property is in.

Legally, we have no idea what your contract says. 
But practically, it is very doubtful it would be with it to try and force the sale....could be months and many thousands in legal fees to get in front of a judge.