The IRS released Notice 2020-17 yesterday which gives tax payers who owe money for 2019 an extra 90 days to Pay. 

This makes your 2019 Tax Balance due by July 15 2019, Interest and penalties will begin to accrue on the 16th. 


They did not change or extend the deadline to FILE. This is still currently April 15th, or October 15th if you file a 6 month extension. But be aware that an extension to file won't happen automatically. 

So you can hang onto your money for a few extra months (Until 7/15) - but if you need more time to get everything together to file your 2019 taxes you or your tax professional should file a 6 month extension (this is always available).

So summary:

1040 Tax return: Must be Submitted by 4/15 and payment made by 7/15

1040 Tax return you file an extension for: Must be submitted by 10/15   and the payment still must be made by 7/15

The extension also applies to Q1 estimated tax payments for 2020.