How Should I Structure My Assets For Benefit Of My Family?

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Ok, here goes.
I have an S corp. It has assets including 3 pieces of real estate.
2. I have an LLC. It has one asset..a piece of real estate. There is an 80K loan against it.
3. I have a trust that I use to pass on very expensive collectibles.
4. I have a Solo 401K. It has six figures.

I guess thats about it. How do I take this conglomerate and put it to my wife's benefit?


You have more than enough in assets, in diverse holdings, that it is worth it to speak to a lawyer in your state.

Yes, I know. I have been needing to talk to one for some time. I realize that. I thought I would run that by people on here and see what ideas they had and pass those by the attorney.

Thanks John!

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